Experts in Facilitating Online Collaboration

CollaborativeWays works in a global landscape with headquarters in Uddevalla, Sweden and Calgary, Canada. Through our focus on facilitating interactive online meetings, we can meet you and provide services for your organization where-ever you may be!

Our Mission is to provide and facilitate turn-key solutions for online meetings and collaboration in widespread organizations. We create highly engaging environments for leaders and organizations to successfully unlock and utilize their full creative potential in healthy, sustainable ways. 

Vision group

Our Vision is that through our work with global and widespread organizations:

  • They are powerfully aligned in depth and breadth with their purpose, principles and values.
  • They are genuinely connected to the knowledge, hearts and wisdom of all their stakeholders and the customers they serve.
  • They successfully operate in sustainable, healthy, and balanced ways in serving our global community.
  • They achieve expanded, unparalleled business results by unleashing the full potential in their organization. 

Our Values:

  • shutterstock_101465833Excellence: We create and deliver high quality end-to-end solutions that make it easy for us to work together again and again.
  • Customer Service: Our success is dependent on successful partnerships with our clients. We strive to give experiences that will delight our customers.
  • Genuine Connection: We culture authentic communication and connection with everyone we serve. Healthy, empowering relationship is the foundation of our business and our facilitation.
  • Co-Creation: We know our business, and you know yours. We are not here to tell you how to run your business, but rather to co-create with organizations and act as a catalyst for innovation and expansion. In our world 1+1= Unlimited Potential!

 If our mission, vision and values resonate with the kind of company you like to partner with, then please contact us. We would be delighted to explore how we can work together for mutual success.