Event Facilitation

Looking for a facilitated online meeting solution that is easy, flexible and fits your needs?

Facilitating Events

CollaborativeWays provides turn-key solutions to optimize your results and minimize your stress and work when planning for collaborative online meetings. We use simple and flexible tools that provide the appropriate structure and the ultimate choice. The more complex the situation is, the more the need is for simple tools and methods. Our methods and tools have great flexibility to fit the needs of any organization and they can be used over and over again to enhance your innovation and the implementation of your plans and goals.

Our facilitated meeting solutions provide an effective, proven framework for the common problems or opportunities for which they were created. They can also be a base from which we can create a more customized meeting solution for the unique needs of your organization.

Turn-Key Meeting Solutions

Mentoring Circles – Spread the wisdom and interconnect your organization! You can use our facilitated online meeting system for ongoing knowledge exchange and mentoring as a way to grow your organization or network. After planning together, we set up your mentoring meetings at the given dates, take care of invitations, registrations, reminders etc.  

Online Conferences Simple, powerful & engaging online conferences. When is the last time you attended a conference where you were completely engaged in the conversation rather than just listening to pre-arranged speakers or presentations? Our online conference solution goes far beyond the typical conference because it opens up the energy of all the attendees to co-create exactly what they want to achieve and learn.

Mission-Vision-Values Alignment Create the optimal organizational culture to achieve your vision! Successful organizations have a visionary culture that is understood, aligned and lived throughout the organization. Our cultural change solution assesses your current culture, designs your desired culture and engages your organization in taking the steps to live it authentically.