Event Hosting

What is your message for the world?



Do you have an existing live workshop that you want to put online, but you don’t know how to adapt it so that participants can be fully engaged in their learning?

Do you have a message that you know you need to get out into the world, but you don’t know how to effectively design it for optimal adult learning – let alone an online environment?

For most workshop leaders or organizational trainers, the online environment has been used to deliver information in a “from-one-to-many” model. This includes videos, powerpoints, ebooks, and audio programs. However, people learn and retain information better if they have opportunities to actively engage with others in discussing, practicing and even teaching/mentoring others. Effective teaching and facilitation also pays attention to a variety of learning styles such as demonstrations, reflection and practice.

At CollaborativeWays, we have a depth of expertise in adult learning education and online training. Combined with our online environment which incorporates realtime breakout discussion/practice spaces with whiteboards, video, audio, chats, emoticons, presentations, and voting, we’re the perfect host to assist you with your online workshops and event needs.

As a partner and host for your workshops, CollaborativeWays can provide you with:

  1. Design consulting to assist you in effectively moving your workshop to the online space.
  2. A live online space for up to 90 concurrent participants, unlimited breakout rooms and an extensive toolset including video, voice, whiteboards, chats etc. to keep learners engaged
  3. Technical and participant support during your training so that you can focus on facilitating your workshop
  4. Training on how to design and facilitate online meetings yourself.
  5. Online event management… registration, payment, event reminders, etc.

If you have the message, we have the space to deliver it!