Facilitator Training

    Learn holistic online meeting facilitation and leadership skills.

    Meeting facilitation is both a leadership skill and an art. It is grounded in self-knowledge and methodology and fine-tuned by experience. If you want to get great results as a leader, then a more holistic and engaging approach will take your group and the meeting results to a completely new level.

    CollaborativeWays teaches groups or individuals the methods and approach of the Genuine Contact™ program, a complete program for building skill and capacity within the organization for working with change. The personal and professional results that one gets from this program goes far beyond facilitation skills into a new way of leading and interacting with yourself, with others and with your organization.

    The program provides two different meetings methods, a series of tools and suggested road maps; all grounded on a solid value foundation. The program includes the workshops Organizational Health and Balance, Open Space Technology, Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution, Whole Person Process facilitation and the Genuine Contact Organization. The final workshop is the mastery workshop – Train the Trainer – an authorization workshop for those who want to teach and mentor others.

    CollaborativeWays’ unique offer is the added knowledge and skills to facilitate effective and collaborative meetings online, as well as in person. In our workshops you will learn both. You don´t even have to travel, just find a calm spot and bring your computer.

    Open Space Technology Training

    Open Space Technology Facilitation

    Open Space Technology meetings creates an environment for innovation, problem solving, creativity, teamwork, and rapid change. It also creates the conditions for an organization to utilize the potential of the workforce, inspire growth in organizational performance, and to learn to use the chaos in the organization to work for you rather than against you. Open Space Technology meetings are easy to organize and works well with up to 100 people online or 1000 people for in-person meetings. In this workshop we teach both the necessary nuts and bolts of the meeting and a reliable process for planning them for best results. No matter if your organization or community has been around for a long time or is new, these meetings will work well to get you to where you want to be. Length: 5 x 3 hours + homework and practice

    Whole Person Process Facilitation Training

    Learn how to facilitate online meetings

    Whole Person Process Facilitation is a process that invites the whole person with all their knowledge and wisdom to contribute to the success of a community or an organization. The process works well for meetings that include planning, decision making or other kinds of development meetings where you need to work step by step with the meeting content. The method supports adult learning, engagement and high energy. It is grounded in adult learning theory and knowledge about learning organizations. This workshop also teaches a decision making process that clearly shows the support for implementation of a proposed idea. Length: 6 x 3 hours + homework and practice.

    Leading High Impact Meetings, Workshops and Movements
    Online Course Wednesdays: May 2, 9, 16, 30, June 6, 2018
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