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Eiwor Backelund

Uddevalla, Sweden

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Eiwor Backelund has a passion for facilitating processes that allows organizations and people to build gateways to their own inner wisdom, creating genuine contact with themselves and each other and reach their potential.

Her expertise is in the field of adult learning and communication and with long experience of the impact of systems, structures and culture on innovations, efficiency and learning. Being one of the first authorized trainers of the Genuine Contact ™ program, she has taught hundreds of people in Sweden and internationally to claim leadership and remove blockages in their own life and in their organization with amazing results.

Eiwor has a Masters degree in the Intercontinental program Adult Learning & Global Change from the University of Linköping. Her thesis was a research on communication and collaboration online in widespread organizations and what impact the online environment had on the results. She is also an experienced project manager for European Union funded projects, mostly intended for local community development, and is familiar with the political systems and public organizations on different levels. To find out more about Eiwor’s work visit  GCTools.

Eiwor loves to be in nature, is trained in Outdoor pedagogy and often uses nature as a room for teaching and learning. She is aware both of the impact nature has on our well-being and on the impact our travel and living has on nature. Thus she is very enthusiastic about the possibilities that have arrived in her partnership with Richard Schultz. They have been “walking their talk” when they have collaborated online to create a powerful online meeting environment for co-learning, co-creation and collaboration. It has the potential to be a gateway to genuine contact globally.


Richard Schultz

Calgary, Canada

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Richard Schultz loves to play on the leading edge of human potential, facilitating processes that shift people and cultures to new paradigms of thinking, believing, and collaborating with others!

As an expert in shifting the limiting subconscious patterns that hold individuals and organizations back from reaching their goals, Richard has traveled internationally training hundreds of people in changing their life and work success by changing their minds. Success comes naturally when people are aligned in body, mind and spirit. To find out more about Richard’s personal development work visit:

Richard has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan and worked for over 15 years in large international organizations such as IBM. Since leaving the corporate world, in his desire to understand how organizations can become more effective in navigating change, he has studied and worked with a multitude of change models and facilitation disciplines including Cultural Transformation ToolsGenuine Contact ™ and Spiral Dynamics(SDi). To find out more about Richard’s organizational  work visit:

Now in partnership with Eiwor Backelund, Richard has created a powerful and effective on-line meeting environment that brings people together to co-learn, co-create and collaborate. This  live online meeting environment is ideal for conferences, mentoring circles, strategic planning, product creation, customer and employee engagement and much more! Having traveled extensively throughout his life, he is excited about this potential for global reach and service from where-ever he or you may be.