Online Mentoring Circles

shutterstock_126561266 Spread the wisdom and interconnect your organization!

One of the biggest problems in any organization is the lack of sharing and consideration of the knowledge and expertise that resides throughout the organization. Organizations tend to have distinct silos of expertise. This problem is compounded as organizations begin losing organizational wisdom when “baby-boomers” or other experts retire.   In organizations that are geographically widespread, it can be even more difficult to develop effective mentoring systems without the considerable expense of travel.

The CollaborativeWays online mentoring solution is an effective and organic method for ongoing knowledge exchange and mentoring. Through it you can find more effective ways to grow your organization, strengthen your inter- and intra-organizational networks as well as capture and share your organizational knowledge and expertise.

Our online mentoring circle package includes:

  • A planning meeting.
  • The set up and facilitation of 3-4 meetings within the decided time frame.
  • Invitations, registrations, reminders, reports.
  • Access to the Learning Center for preparation.
  • A short evaluation after each session on Skype or phone.
  • A debrief meeting for next steps after the last meeting in the sequence.