Organizational Alignment

Mission, Vision & Values


Does your organization walk its talk?

Many organizations have their mission/vision/values on their websites or in their annual reports, but how often are they just “window dressing”? How often are they not understood and thus not lived in the organization? What if everyone in your organization automatically worked and made decisions in ways that were aligned with your strategic goals?

CollaborativeWays offers turn-key solutions to identify your core Vision, Mission and Values and facilitate processes and workshops to have them lived throughout the fabric of your organizational culture!

When these foundational elements are clear and aligned within organizations, they provide a powerful formula for on-going success. They define the basis of your culture and your leadership.  The more you walk your talk, the more authentic you will appear, the more powerful your brand will be and the easier it will be for your staff to achieve their targets. Being congruent with a defined sense of principles creates trust. 

CollaborativeWays facilitates organizations in consciously discovering and choosing what they want to stand for, and we will also assist in getting the Vision, Mission and Values aligned and lived throughout organizations so that everyone walks-the-talk automatically.

We facilitate these processes in-person, and online!