Facilitated OnLine Conferences

shutterstock_87877702Simple, powerful & engaging online conferences!

Companies, associations, communities and special interest groups all have needs to get people together to learn about the latest ideas and innovations, find and showcase solutions to common problems, make decisions and develop networks of expertise. The ongoing challenge is that it takes a tremendous amount of resources and time to organize and host these valuable sessions. Speakers have to be decided upon and scheduled, conference space needs to be booked (sometimes years in advance), and the individual cost of travel and productivity loss from the time away all comes at a cost.

Our Online Conference Solution

Our facilitated online conference solution eliminates almost all of the challenges associated with traditional conferences. With the accelerated growth in Internet bandwidth and more effective online meeting technology, online conferencing is a powerful alternative that works extremely well.  There are many conferencing solutions on the market, but none quite like our turn-key solution:

  • We combine online technology with powerful online facilitation methods and tools to create an environment that helps people feel like they are together in the same room.
  • People are engaged in and contributing in the conversations that are meaningful to them according to their passion and expertise.
  • Lead times and resources to organize the conference are reduced from years to months or even weeks.
  • Individual and organizational costs are radically reduced.