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CollaborativeWays is dedicated to designing and facilitating powerful & effective collaborative environments that allow our clients to excel in their business and their leadership potential. Our innovative on-line environments minimize the barriers of distance, culture and technology to engage people in their hearts and minds. Organizations get real results in shorter time-frames and find creative solutions to problems that have eluded them in other methods.

Client Testimonials


‘The CollaborativeWays online meeting process is a unique tool to bring communities and teams together to co-create their dreams and it really works! Richard and Eiwor are uniquely skilled to open space in the online environment so everyone feels easily connected to all participants. To my surprise I could really feel the energy of everyone in the Circle. This is an innovative and powerful way to connect and move together – no matter where you are!”  ~ A.C. Türk, Berlin,Germany

“Experiencing your online OST offering helped me understand why virtual reality games can be addictive for ‘online gamers’! I am fascinated with how the online experience emulates my past experiences with ‘physical’ or ‘face-to-face’ OST meetings. To enable people located all over the world to connect in ‘real time’ and experience the power of OST is truly remarkable.”  ~ S. Alston, Raleigh, USA

“It was my first OST event but everything went smoothly. Instructions were clear and the online technology used was appropriate for the event. I never had any big problem during the whole event except for my audio problem which I was able to resolve. I want to commend the organizers of this event for doing a great job!” – D. Bayeng, Manila, Philippines

“I was surprised on how easily I was able to use the on-line meeting tools and technology. It has great applicability for open space or other forms of communication/training/coaching.” – T. Brady, Rochester, USA

“I experienced a very efficient online meeting, gracefully facilitated by Richard Schultz and Eiwor Backelund. Genuine Contact Co Owners Group Inc is an organization spread around the globe. My colleagues and I met for three days, three hours a day to discuss important topics in the implementation of our strategic plan. On the final day we also had an action planning component where each of us was invited to announce any actions that we will take responsibility for. This weekend has meant a huge step forward for our organization. The energy and power of the meeting was stunning. This way to use the Blackboard software, in order to facilitate online meetings is totally revolutionary compared to other ways of collaborating in real time, at a  distance.” – Thomas Herrmann, Founder of Open Space Consulting and Co Owner of Genuine Contact™ Co owners Group Inc

“I also took a while to get to sleep last night with having an uplifting experience I just felt like the butterfly and wanted to fly!” ~  M. Plummer, Regina, Canada